investment starts at $1,999.00


South Asian Destination Weddings are now one of the most popular in the destination wedding industry. These weddings typically mix the traditional and religious ceremony with a touch of modern wedding trends, and can deliver one of the most memorable experiences of a life time.

The wedding packages available on select resorts offer tailored services, such as South Asian catering, henna artists (mendhi), the wedding stage (mandap), a Sacgeet Night, Sikh official or Guru Granth Sahib, and fireworks with drummers. These packages can be designed to personalize the experience. Resorts in the Caribbean Islands and Mexico have recognized the importance of the South Asian cultural events and have kept all the necessary traditions in place when offering their wedding packages.


South Asian Destination Wedding Package includes:

  • Wedding Consultation
  • Booking Wedding Group Travel
  • Planning You Destination Wedding