FULL WEDDING PLANNING – Investment starts at $3550.00

Our Certified Wedding Planner will work with you to design your wedding and ensure it matches your style and your vision. This is your day! Embrace it and let our professionals organize all the details with Full Wedding Planning.


Full Wedding Planning Includes

Eighteen to twelve months prior to Your Wedding Day

Wedding Consultation: Our Certified Wedding Planner will provide you with two professional, personalized consultation meetings (unlimited emails and phone calls).

Wedding Theme: Diamonds Wedding Planners will meet with you to discuss your theme (i.e. event design, decor and colors), ensuring your wedding design matches your style and your vision.

Wedding Timeline: We will create a wedding timeline for you to make sure each step along the way is well-thought-out and all parties, including the couple, the bridal party, the vendors, etc., understand their roles and responsibilities.

Budget Planning and Payment Schedule: Our expertise and specialized hands-on worksheets will help you plan for all those finer details.

Vendors: From photographers to videographers to DJs to florists, we will provide you with options, make recommendations that match your preferences, set-up bookings and coordinate details as required.

Venues: Whether classic, contemporary, or opulent, you can rely on our research and recommendations to help you choose a location that fits your needs and caters to your tastes.

Code of Wedding Etiquette: Our Certified Wedding Planner will establish a code of wedding etiquette that suits you and your style.

Four weeks prior to Your Wedding Day

Legal Requirements: We will provide information and advice on how to obtain a marriage license.

Wedding Management: Diamonds Wedding Planners will review all wedding vendor contracts and contact each party to finalize details and confirm services.

Wedding Itinerary: We will create a personalized itinerary for you, your bridal party, and also your vendors to bring clarity to your big day.

Wedding Rehearsal: As your big day gets closer, Diamonds Wedding Planners will oversee your rehearsal ensuring all parties are comfortable with the wedding script.

The Wedding Day: Our Certified Wedding Planner (with an secondary “day of” wedding assistant if necessary) will manage your wedding for the entire day. Let us take care of the details, including site walkthroughs and rehearsals, overseeing the proper set-up of the ceremony, cocktail and reception, and coordinating vendor details and timings.

Access to a Wedding Emergency Kit: We will provide you with a wedding-specific emergency kit with all the essentials.