DAY OF COORDINATION – Investment starts at $1700.00

Every aspect of your wedding day is planned but there is still uncertainty, the unknown, numerous possible issues that can arise and infinite details. You will be busy. Our Certified Wedding Coordinator will handle all these issues and all those details. We will take care of last minute surprises and so much more… This is your day! Embrace it and let our professionals coordinate your wedding on the day of with Wedding Day Coordination.


Day of Coordination Includes

Six weeks prior to Your Wedding

Wedding Management: Diamonds Wedding Planners will review all wedding vendor contracts and contact each party to finalize details and confirm service

Wedding Itinerary: We will create a personalized itinerary for you, your bridal party, and also your vendors to bring clarity to your big day.

Your Wedding Day

Wedding Rehearsal: As your big day gets closer, Diamonds Wedding Planners will oversee your rehearsal ensuring all parties are comfortable with the wedding script.

The Wedding Day: Our Certified Wedding Coordinator (with an secondary “day of” wedding assistant if necessary) will manage your wedding for the entire day. Let us take care of the details, including site walkthroughs and rehearsals, overseeing the proper set-up of the ceremony, cocktail and reception, and coordinating vendor details and timings.

Access to a Wedding Emergency Kit: We will provide you with a wedding-specific emergency kit with all the essentials.